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BEYONCE: Urged to Save Red Lobster


Fans want her to co-sign the failing chain again, like she did on "Formation."Photo: Getty Images

Seafood lovers want Beyonce to get the Hive in "Formation" to save Red Lobster from going under.

Back in 2016, the chain saw a big sales boost when Bey shouted out it out in the lyrics of "Formation," singing, "When he [do] me good, I take him to Red Lobster." The spike was so strong that bosses there even made social media remarks about changing the name of one of their trademark dishes to Cheddar Bey Biscuits.

Now that Red Lobster is in deep enough trouble that it closed nearly 100 locations this month, fans want Bey to co-sign again. The social media comments include:

  • "Beyoncé, please release another song about Red Lobster -- they are in dire [straits] and need you, Goddess Divine."
  • "Do something, because we need the biscuits and endless shrimp back."
  • "Beyonce, you need to save Red Lobster from bankruptcy!"

Another fan flipped the script, saying:

"Men, the future of Red Lobster is in your hands. For the love of all you can eat shrimp, listen to Beyoncé & motivate your ladies to make those reservations."

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