iHeartLand Hosts First Ever Podcast Inside The Metaverse

Photo: iHeartMedia

For the first time ever, visitors to iHeartLand on Roblox will be able to listen to a podcast while they play.

Right now, through Saturday at 7 p.m. EST, The Trap Nerds Podcast will have an exclusive episode playing in State Farm Park, located at the center of the virtual world.

Join hosts Dre, Eli, Tony, and Exavier as they discuss comic books, Anime, gaming, science fiction, sports, and current events. Who is Dre’s favorite Superman? What is Tony’s favorite moment from Dragon Ball Z? What is a Blerd? You’re going to have to login to Roblox to see for yourself!

“This is a very special episode,” said Exavier. “We are coming to you live!”

But what is Roblox? How do you get to iHeartLand?

Roblox is an online gaming platform with various custom-made servers. It’s an extension of the metaverse, and iHeartMedia has created a space for entertainment and gaming with the help of Intel and State Farm.

Players exploring the sprawling metropolis of iHeartLand can ride on a Ferris Wheel, chat with other players, collect points, or just hangout in State Farm Park to enjoy the podcast.

Right next to the park is the State Farm Neighborhood where players can find Jake from State Farm and his daily quests. There is also a store with virtual merchandise and trampolines to take players to a VIP viewing lounge that overlooks the park and The Trap Nerds Podcast show. Down the street is the Intel House of Wonder, and your own personal radio station where you can upgrade your equipment and get emotes that will amplify The Trap Nerds event.

Login or create a Roblox account now to experience the very first iHeartPodcasts LIVE before time runs out.

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Photo: iHeartMedia

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