Here's Why Pusha T Thinks He And Kanye West Are 'Very Different' People

Photo: Getty Images

Pusha T revealed the reason why he believes he and Kanye West are "very different" people in a recent interview with NME.

“Ye and I are very different people,” the "Scrape It Off" rapper said. “The only thing we have in common is our love of street rap. He’s a huge fan and I’m the DNA of that. We’re really parallel on it. I feel like everything else is a debate because we’re just very different people.” He added that Ye is "very emotional and I am way more calculated than him. So, music is never the debate; it’s the strategy that is the debate with us all day long. His superpower is his instinct, so when that’s your superpower, the sh-t works the majority of the time.”

“My superpower is my calculated, methodical f-cking way of going about things, being able to sit back and withstand whatever before I strike," the rapper continued. He later described working on West's popular My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in which he was asked to rewrite his verse on "Runaway" multiple times. “I had never been into that type of process until I got with Ye," he explained. "I saw that sometimes greater things come out of it and once you get that vein, you’ve replaced that initial line with something that’s even better and then you begin to outdo what you already thought was great.”

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