Chance The Rapper Says Shia LaBeouf Is One Of The Best Freestyle MCs Ever

Chance the Rapper thinks Shia LaBeouf can outrap a lot of your favorite MCs.

While appearing on the latest episode of Hot Ones, the "Hot Shower" rapper told host Sean Evans that he doesn't only believe Shia is one of the best freestyle rappers in Hollywood, he believes he's a one of the greatest ever!

“Shia LaBeouf is one of the best freestylists of all time... I mean, like, period,” Chance said with his chest. “He's fire. He can put 'em together.”

Chance's recent praise of Shia's off-the-dome bars wasn't the first time he's boldly backed the 33-year-old actor's rapping skills. Back in 2016, shorty after Shia proved that he can do more than hold his own when it comes to his freestyling abilities after a now-famous freestyle with esteemed radio host Sway Calloway, Chance tweeted, "I would purchase a Shia LaBeouf album. And I can merch it would be a classic."

It was during his 2016 radio freestyle that Shia got the crowning as the "number one MC in Hollywood" from Sway, who additionally called him a "rapper posing as an actor" that can "outrap full-time rappers."

As fans know, Shia has long been a fan and student of hip hop. In addition to having 2Pac, Missy Elliott, and Biggie tattooed on his body, he has previously stated that he's studied the genre and its best MCs. And while he's never officially released a hip hop project he did come for Soulja Boy back in 2016 in another praised freestyle, rapping, "Compare me to Brando, Eminem/ Pen to pen, I'm better than him and him."

Photo: Getty Images