Mom Discovers Huge Money-Saving Loophole In Target's Return Policy

One of the biggest struggles of parenthood is having to buy a whole new wardrobe for kids every year because of how quickly they outgrow or ruin their clothes. Well one Target-shopping mom shared a money-saving tip on Facebook that is so good, it quickly went viral. The post explains how a loophole in the company's return policy means you can continually replace clothes you buy at the store. It says:

"Want to save money on your kids' clothes?! I've been doing this for a few years now but clearly, most of you don't know! Target's Cat & Jack line has a one year quality guarantee. So when one of the boys rips his pants three months after I bought them, I simply bring them back for a full refund. I walk to the boys section, pick out a brand new pair (often a size larger) and I'm on my way with a brand new pair of pants for free!"

She adds:

"You just need to show customer service the original receipt. I keep my Target receipts in the back of my wallet so I don't lose them. Just match up the numbers on the clothing tag to the numbers on the receipt. Voila! I just walk up and say, 'I'd like to return these under the Cat & Jack warranty.' Never an issue. You're welcome."

It seems too good to be true but for now, it's not! Target indeed has a policy that allows for returns and refunds on its owned brands for up to a year. Since, for now, they don't specify that "replacing" items is not allowed, the loophole does exist. And it's not just for Cat & Jack items, there are over 50 in-store brands that it applies to as well.

The policy went into effect in 2015, when Target actually expanded the return policy for their brands, which used to be limited to 90 days. The move came as a way for the company to show how high the quality of their products is, but there is nothing stopping Target from changing the policy again to prevent any kind of misuse of it.

Photo: Getty Images, Dave Basner

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